Thursday, May 04, 2006

David Blaine.. Man this is guy is crazy. Now he is doing something in water...I dont really know, holding his breath till he breaks the record or something. How he accomplishes these feats is not what has me curious, it is why the hell he does these crazy things. If hes trying to impress people, i think he did it a long time ago. Is it for fame? He's got it. Ego? I dont know. Right now if he said why he really does all these things, that would amaze me more than the tricks he does...wel...maybe.
ALRIGHT RICKY THAT'S THE ATTITUDE! Don't let the NFL stop you...Just go to Canada....SunSentinel reported that Ricky Williams is waiting for a decision from the dolphins to let him play for the CFL. Canadian Footbal League. smoke pot and weaken our team, and then let you clean up and go help another team is the idea.. Hmmm... interesting..I guess it makes sense coming from Ricky.

Alright Ricky!!!....You did it again! are like some of these kids with the keep failing the tests!...well atleast these kids can study harder and pass...but you need rehab or something...I mean c'mon how many people would kill to have your opportunities or even your talent?! How many pot heads would have to loved to have the many chances you have had?! But noooooooo..You needed more.

We are about a month from hurrucane season...its good to see we still have thousnads of folks with blue roofs. I am talkin about the blue tarps on top of peoples roofs becuase of the damage from last hurricane season. What the hell is going on? I guess next season we willl havve blue houses rather than just blue roofs.
400 dolphins washed up in Zanzibar's northern coast. Thats pretty weird. This makes me nervous on how 400 dolphins can just wash up on shore like that. Investigators say that a ship's sonar may have thrown them off course or some poison may have killed them. That makes me not want to go swimming, or atleast not go swimming with the dolphins.
what is going on with the rising gas prices?.....maybe I can Afford to buy an SUV now...right?....they have got to be going down on price....but wait a minute...did toyota just unveil another new SUV coming've probably seen, that big ol' square gas guzzler..I don't get it....who the hell wants to buy an SUV now....people are spending like 80 dollars to fill their tanks...shit is ridiculous..(excuse me) we all got to go to hybrids or something...the government has to start some trade in program so that the most powerful country in the world does not have to rely on other countries who it is at war with or having problems with to get oil!!!!!

Ben & Jerry.....getting some heat for a new ice cream name....BLACK & a break people it is a freaking name...and its ice cream on top of that......the name is a problem apparently because it is referring to a militia group in Dublin. Did the militia have anything to do with ice cream....Were they fighting for ice cream or something?....Different times people, I think we are mature enough to get passed this....This is like the whole taco bell thing too, people were offended with the little a chiwawa (the Mexican community apparently)...gimme a break....please...... reports that Kirby Puckett (hall of fame baseball player) is having a trouble resting in peace. Stories of this manner, I think should not be reported. They are to freaking weird, and only show us how freaking weird people are. When you have to bring in lawyers to decide where a person's ashes should go to, somebody has gone too far. Apparently Kirby Pucketts children want the ashes as well does his finance......give them to the damn children....a tragedy should bring people together for the person that has passed, not make them fight....or atleast set up custody for both parties, I cant believe I had to say that.

The sunsentinel reported that one of the main terrorist behind the campaign on suicide bombings was caught on tape in new balances and having trouble shooting his machine gun. That is pretty funny to me. It shows a side that the public has yet to see. I've always wondered about these tapes, do they do them in one take? I know they make mistakes. I think I saw something similar in a Family Guy episode a while ago. Bin laden was all serious but kept laughing on a certain part of the script. This shows something about these terrorist, believe or it not. That they stage these threats attempting to be strong and notorious and to influence action against the U.S....however, these outakes, show exactly that, outakes. It shows they are acting from script, acting!....Although, they may take action, one cannot change their life according to these threats. On top of all that.....the freaking guy is wearing NEW BALANCE SNEAKERS....Didn't these shoes originate in Boston!!! in the U.S.!!!!....

Thursday, April 20, 2006

IS bush going to quit next? Everytime I look at the news or the papers....some other guy in the Bush administration is resigning.....It seems to me they've been paying for bush's mistakes and dealing with the stress.....they've had doesnt seem so much to me like bush doing some spring cleaning but more like these guys are fed up with the bullshit. (excuse me)..One by one theyre going down some bowling pins...there are even web sites that are taking bets and giving odds on who is going to resign next...thats pretty funny...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What the hell is going on with this whole immigration thing???? It seems to me like no one has the right argument...I don't know if its the way the media is covering it, or most people just don't get it... Everytime I turn on the news, I hear people from other countries who are living here illegally screaming, "we're not criminals," "we do the cheap labor." I understand that they are mad, but no one is really saying they are criminals (except the other side, which doesn't get it either, ill get to it in a lil bit.) nor are they being forced to do cheap labor for that matter. And on top of that what the hell are all these damn high school kids running out of school for to protest; they look like they are having more fun just skipping school but are failing to understand the real issues. Stay in damn school it will help you more. Don't get me wrong, more power to the protestors, but have the right argument ready and protest for the right reasons. Now the other side, these anti immigrant dudes. I saw some protestors against for the bill labeling these people criminals by showing criminals who happen to be living in the U.S. illegally. What about citizens of the U.S. who commit crimes? It happens everyday. Should we kick them out? Bottom line is there are good people of all races and there are bad people of all races! That's not the damn issue hear so drop it.

BUzzzzzzz..Machine guy said that comedy central buckled under the pressure the other day when they refused the air the image of Mohammed in a South Park episode...I don't really think that is accurate...In fact I think it was done purposely to make the show funnier. The entire show was built on this image being censored and just when the audience thinks its going to be shown, its censored for just that second where the image is shown; if it was done for the sake of censorship I think comedy central would have just pulled the entire episode instead of playing the episode which is already making fun of very thing they did.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Well, well , seems that some of walgreen's pharmacists are going to be handing out resumes instead of prescriptions in the upcoming future...this because of their creative labels that they were dishing out to customers...the sun sentinel reported that more customers are coming forward and suing walgreens because of their labeling of prescriptions; for example: "crazy," or "psycho" in reference to the customer. Other labels printed had words like "bitch" or "WATCH CONTROLS SHE SEEMS SHADY." Pretty funny, but really stupid move by pharmacists. However, The sun sentinel failed to report or determine if the actual customers were actually "psychos," "crazy," "bitches," or even "shady." (im just kidding)...But it is nice to see, how responsible people who we trust to give us medications and have relationships with our doctors are! But then again we're all human beings...I think salvation lies in robots or something because it seems we are our own worst enemies.

Free Speech is turning out to be very expensive. Simple name calling on some internet message boards and blogs turned out to cost one man 10,000 pounds after a high court judge ruled against him in a libel suit. A chatroom with about 100 members that held a debate about the iraq war, which turned into a kindergarten verbal slug fest, somehow needed the governments involvement. Gimme a break. Leave it alone. This happened in a chatroom...get out of it if you don't like it!....Is there no sanctuary for me to express my thoughts without paying a heavy price....Furthermore, if these type of things are happening on a internet site; does the site have any rules....Let the site take action against the blogger or chat member for disrupting or breaking their rules. Report the blogger to the site; and if there are no rules and speech can roam freely on the site and you dont like know what to do.....But why and how can lawyers, judges, and court rooms get involved in this before anything else. So before you go blogging or chatting away make sure you don't leave home without your teleprompter and your lawyer! AND I guess beware out there, because if your little brother or sister out there calls me doodo head, I can sue their little asses.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Are we slowly losing our freedoms in the U.S.? In order to live do we have to live restricited now. Isnt that doing exactly what the terrorists want? Lets take measures against terrorist, not against our can we have people caged and held against their will for no reason in Guantanamo Bay; isnt that creating more terror? isnt that violating rights that many have worked and died to protect.....Must we be afraid of writing, publishing, or even saying something today because of people's beliefs....what the hell happened to freedom of speech...You dont have to agree; but you can respect the fact that I can say it. in the same way you can give your opinion back about the matter......are we sacrificing freedom; the bill of rights; to stay alive? Shouldnt it be the other way around!? What the hell is going on? Did everybody in the damn World forget their history? Do we have to go back to all the damn civil and world wars, the racism (which still exists, but maybe not as extreme), segregation, seperation, and ignorance to relearn our mistakes. I used to think that good and evil were easy to identify; and sides were easily chosen....but i guess politics and all these damn used car salesman running our governments have turned the world into a lemon.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bloggers should beware! That is bloggers should be AWARE that when you get linked to another is done to debate, to go further in depth, or add more info. against or to help a post on another blog...This helps promote accuracy and different views from different perspectives. It is not really done to amuse, flatter, or to make other bloggers worry...

Dick Cheney, the hot topic. Why did he take so long to speak out? In his interview with Fox News (excerpt of interview on Washington Post) he says he wanted to make sure they had accurate information before putting anything out to the media. It sounds like to me that he wanted to have his story accurate before he got hammerred with questions. Bottom line is that he should of spoke out as soon as the victims family was notified. Whether the victim's condition was still unclear; the facts remain: 1. Dick Cheney shot somebody while hunting. 2. The victim is in the hospital. Any other information that was still unclear could have waited.....It makes me suspicious of Cheney's real intentions in the delay; if it was truly an accident and he was not drinking while hunting...speaking out would be something I would feel could only help Cheney. He could help clear any misconceptions and maybe even relieve himself a bit from this 'terrible accident.'

Well every time things might seem they will improve....Other soldiers in the fight against terrorism bring us another step towards terrorism. I am talking about the video that captured British Soldiers beating and kicking Iraqi youths. First of all, these are kids, whether or not they were causing trouble the appropriate action was not taken. On top of that, the video shows unnecessary force and a mocking of the youths which makes me very uncomfortable. It makes me wonder who are the terrorists sometimes and whether we are trying to help mankind or just make sure that we and our interests survive...Everything else doesn't matter.....Hypocritical actions will only prove to be a delay in the conclusion of this war and will only encourage retaliations of similar manner. Promoting life is the main goal.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ridiculous. New Line Cinema is coming out with a new movie featuring Paul Walker. Probably gonna have the usual sex and violence all our blockbusters have these days. no big deal right. However,.....However,......I cant really believe this.....New Line Cinema is also coming out with a game for the which your kids can play as Paul Walker performing oral sex on his wife...(you can read the line again) It aint gives you the preview..(which by the way aint that cool, so I didnt link it)...But anyways its nice to see that our values continue to seep into the cracks... I mean this might be going a lil too far in my opinion........I mean from the images I saw theres a climax meter....theres arrows that tell you where to go.......and I can only imagine all the young kids out there jamming those buttons to win.....or in the get the lady to what the hell is going on...then we wonder what the hell is goin wrong with the youth...its the adults!!..I think New Line is going to catch some heat for this game..
I can agree and disagree with post on Cyber Jack Shafer refers to a comment Michael Kinsley made ("a decade ago") about web populist replacing professional writers....."When I go to a restaurant, I want a chef to cook my entree, not the guy sitting at the next table.".... Shafer then adds.."When there are millions of aspiring chef in the room willing to make your dinner for free, at least a hundred of them are likely to deal a good meal." Now I think his point has some validity. Yah you might be able to find a good chef here and there to cook a good meal...But you have really got to look out there when there are millions of chefs. Also when the chef is willing to cook for free, that makes me wonder about objectivity. Furthermore, a restaurant with a good reputation will almost always point you to a good chef because they support each other; so a good chef can promise a better a restaurant (most likely) and vice versa..I cant help it think about that Holiday Inn commercial.where there is a guy performing an operation on a patient and hes not a qualified doctor...but then he says he stayed at a holiday Inn......Alright no more metaphors.....

I couldnt agree more with Buzz Machine's Article on AP's reason for not distributing the contraversial Muslim cartoons. You still have a duty to report the news. If journalist start worrying about what is offensive or not to report they are not helping anybody; let alone doing their job. Or when the AP uses double talk to hide their fear of retalliation of reporting such an offensive story; they are only opening a can of worms....Journalist will only show they are weak by giving in to such acts and show others that such actions will be tolerated and in fact influence decision.